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Artrageous Artreach Residency Program


Here's what our FREE Summer Camp
is all about:

Purpose: To fill the hearts and minds of children with the healing power of the arts. To allow children a safe space to express themselves creatively in order to encourage brain development and support participants’ ability to lead healthy and creative lives. To offer parents a free option for a safe, educational arts camp for one week during the summer. 


Experience: No art experience is necessary, just an open mind and a willingness to explore your creative sides.


Goals: To engage campers in an inclusive camp experience that will allow them to explore many different art forms and live arts performances. To provide campers with unique and inspiring experiences, skills and memories that will enhance their lives and encourage their mental and behavior wellbeing. To offer an enriching week of performance and instruction that provides them with a healthy example of teamwork, inclusivity and their potential to accomplish new things. 


Reach: Our goal is to grow the Artrageous Artreach Camp to include more students each year. We intend to focus on students in the low-income bracket to provide a safe and fun learning environment to children who may not have access to such an environment otherwise. Each student is given the opportunity to include their families on a daily basis. Campers will be chosen by lottery via the Artrageous Artreach website. The lottery will be weighted towards the underserved zip codes. Accepting 30 students grades 4-8, first come first serve.



Days: Monday - Friday

Hours: 9:00 - 3:00pm


Stuttgart, AR July 22 - 216 2024 at The Grand Prairie Center Located in Phillips Community College, 2807 US-165, Stuttgart, AR 72160

6+ interns ages 16+ (if you'd like to intern for our camp please fill out the form below)

8+ Artrageous Artreach specialists and performers


Program Details:

Each day the Artrageous Artreach Campers will focus on a value, such as creativity, kindness or teamwork, and the activities would relate to that value. The campers will bring projects home to do with their families. Curriculum connections include: Art literacy, teamwork, inclusion, public speaking, creativity and social and emotional learning (SEL). Activities include: fine arts, multicultural arts, multimedia, movement, vocals, performance and costume ad set design. During workshop sessions we will work with video and study guides created by Artrageous Artreach.

Final Performance: The campers will work throughout the week on a student lead performance. At the end of the program the campers will put on a show for their families and friends. The student performance will be held on Friday at 3:00 pm

Artrageous Artreach Performance: The campers and their families will be invited to stay for a mini Artreach Performance following their student performance. The student performance will be held on Friday at 3:00 pm

You and your camper will be required to fill out this waiver and bring it on day 1 in order to attend the Artreach Camp. Click the link below to access.

Summer Camp 2022 (1800 × 1000 px)_edited

Let's Thank Our Amazing Sponsors Who Made Our 2022 Summer Camp Possible!

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