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"Artreach: Amplifying the Arts with National Endowment for the Arts Grant"

We are happy to announce that we will be partnering with the Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre to host 1 week of performances and workshops for the students in Arrow Rock, MO the week of March 18 - 22, 2024.

Artreach is honored to have received the Challenge America grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to be able to offer this opportunity in Arrow Rock.

To us this is an exciting project, not only do we get the opportunity to expand our reach into a new community of youth and share the power and importance of the arts on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing BUT... we are also creating a brand new PROGRAM!

Hopefully, this program is one that many communities will see value in and be able to partner with Artreach to bring it to their students as well. We will be able to reach over 600 students with a 45 minute performance and a 45 min workshop. We are excited to build this program and will keep you posted.

The unique thing about Artrageous Artreach is that we are entrepreneurs, value creators and bridge builders. We believe one of our super powers is that we can take a challenge and build a program from it.

We recognize that there are creative ways to solve any problem and artistic ways to teach about any subject. We are an artist collective that sees the extreme value in the arts assisting to create a Whole Child. The Artreach team are idea people and not only can we think outside the box but with our 30+ year track record of putting on events and including people, we are implementors as well.

Over the summer, we were honored to partner with PNM Resources Foundation for their 40th Anniversary Celebration. The challenge: Include PNM Resources Foundations 40th Anniversary Pillars, while celebrating the grant winners and including the community.

No problem! We hosted a 2 week free summer camp and used the arts as tools to talk about the environment, the power of community vitality, and how important it is to be inclusive ~ all while creating ART! The Artreach students focused on a variety of arts from set building, costume design, singing, dancing, rhythm and musicality. We forged new friendships and explored so many areas from speaking to yourself kindly to understanding why it is important to use recycled materials in our art.

At the end of the 2 weeks the students put on a performance for all of PNM Resources Foundation including one of the Founders, John Ackerman. The students honored all the 40th anniversary grant recipients through storytelling and sharing what the PNM Resources Foundation Grant meant to them and how it would help them continue to do their good works for the world.

We joyfully shared everything we learned throughout the 2 weeks and honored our partnerships with Keshet, Brain Hackers, The African American Performing Arts Center and some local talented musicians.

The set that the students created was designed for PNM Resources Foundation to keep as a live installation where it was able to travel to different venues to celebrate the 40th Anniversary as well as all the grant recipients. The installation will find its final home as part of an interactive exhibit at Explora honoring the life of Jennifer Riordan.

Watch our video below!

Don't forget ~ we have lots of online classes and activities, free for your use!

Until next time, Happy creating!


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