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To us, Arts is more than drawing... it is a way of life...
You can live creatively through your awareness, the things you create whether that is a business, a team, your personal brand or something you make with your hands or your body.
There is no end to what an art can be.
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John de Wolf
Lauri Francis
Chris Francis
Jarvis Moorehead
Delphia Giovanna

Our Vision

Our team has been in the arts, training and creativity field for over 30 years. Together we have served thousands of kids across the country teaching about the importance of the Arts.
We are dedicated to creating a positive learning culture for growing minds and bodies. We strive to reach children on a deeper and more substantial level to show them the impact the arts can have for living a more complete and fulfilling life.
  • ArtsReach knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives.
  • Our Non-Profit Organization realized that by working together we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently.
  • Our goal is to provide an inclusive space where children of all ages and social standing have access to the healing platform of the Arts.
  • We are passionate about being able to provide arts for all and can't wait to have kindred spirits participate in our arts education program for a Better Brain, Better Health and a more Creative Life.
A thriving community

6,000 students and counting

The high school students get to be up on stage with working professionals in the field. The thing that is the most valuable is that they become part of our community. They live that mission and we love it.
- Andy McGuire
Youth Outreach Program Coordinator, George Daily Auditorium
It will touch your hearts, it will touch your lives, it will fill your souls with happiness.
- Kara Sherman
Executive Director, Wilson Performing Arts Center
Years of expereince
OF STUDENTS impacted

Meet Artrageous:

Artrageous is a troupe of multi-talented Live performance artists, world-class singers, and recording artists, highly trained dancers, and audience motivators, and veteran musicians hailing from the high desert of New Mexico. Their high energy performance is a combination of ALL ARTS on ONE STAGE, combined with humor and interaction in a frenzy of movement and color.​ Artrageous has a passion for all things art and community and they bring their message of the arts being an integral and valuable part of human existence to the stage, leaving their audience of all ages singing, dancing, and clapping along. Artrageous has been fortunate to perform for theatre-goers and celebrities alike and their artworks are in private and public galleries around the world.
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